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As fires raged in Southern California, protesters around the world gathered to voice their opposition to California’s Prop 8.

* Flickr user Grant Gochnauer snaps this great sign from a Chicago protest (above).

* The L.A. Times details a 1992 Colorado battle against an anti-anti-discrimination amendment that suggests how the fight in California might proceed.

* Andrew Sullivan attends the Washington, D.C. Prop 8 protest. The Daily Dish has more scenes from protests around the world.

* Jezebel also collected Prop 8 protest photos from readers across the country.

* D.C. protest attendee Paula Brooks came angry and left hopeful.

* In pro-Prop 8 news: D.L. Hughley hits the radio to explain why he is “against the gay lifestyle.” He was a guest on the Tom Joyner Morning Show last week.

* Meanwhile, Michelle Malkin keeps her eye on Prop 8 protests to watch for “blacklisting, harassment, and intimidation” by protesters.

* Comedian Wanda Sykes came out of the closet for Prop 8 this weekend. And I love her!

* Tiger Beatdown sounds off on homophobia in Ohio.

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