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Last week, local blogger—-and Clinton-turned-Palin supporter—-Lynette Long wrote about a startling encounter she and her friends had in a D.C. restaurant—-a girls-night-out that ended in a floor-dragging, face-punching assault. Dubbing it “The War of the Sexes,” Long detailed how she and her friends attempted to borrow an unused chair from a group of men. Story goes: the men refused; the women took the chair anyway; the men called the women “cunts”; one woman poured a glass of water on a man; that man took her by the hair, dragged her across the floor, and punched her in the face; the men left victoriously; the women called the cops; the cops sided with the men.

Obviously, this is no good. But after Long faults the group of men, the unsympathetic bartender, and the cops, she turns to an unsuspecting target of blame for violence against women: Barack Obama. Long details why Obama may be to blame for her friend’s battered face:

I think we cannot dismiss the election’s place in all this. The world watched as Hillary Clinton and Sara Palin were eviscerated by the main stream media. Calling women C**** was tolerated. Demeaning and disrespecting women was deemed OK. A young potent male was victorious over an older women. It was a symbolic victory on many deep psychological levels. I am afraid last night was just the beginning and that there will be more crimes against women. Times have changed and not for the better. I can smell it in the air.

Another blogger chimed in, calling the post-election U.S. “Open Season on Women” and tapping her post on the incident with a “Thanks Barack”:

[Obama] has used misogyny to stir up hatred of women in the media and on the blogs that supported him. Now that the genie is out of the bottle, it won’t soon be put back. We are going to be dealing with this for a long time to come.

Hey, I want a lady to be president as much as anybody. But I’ll take a real victory for women over a symbolic one any day. I’ve yet to see the evidence of whatever misogynist genie Barack Obama and Joe Biden have conjured up in their campaign, but I’m willing to bet it will satisfy more lady wishes than a ticket that opposed abortion, forced women to pay for their own rape kits, put women’s health in sarcastic finger quotes and, you know, actually called somebody a cunt. Thanks a lot, Barack Obama. Thanks a lot.