Fists and Starts: Nowlin is poised to launch his film career.
Fists and Starts: Nowlin is poised to launch his film career. Credit: Darrow Montgomery

In another life, one that ended as many as three months ago, I wrote a column called Show & Tell for a newspaper called the Washington City Paper which focused on goings-on in the local arts and entertainment scene. One of the last columns I wrote—-and one of my favorites—-was about a guy named Derrick Nowlin. Nowlin, a Prince enthusiast and martial arts bad-ass, has been working for years trying to get known for what he does best: doing push-ups on broken glass, front-kicking basketball nets, and mastering one-inch punches that can send a man so hard into a wimpy plaster drywall that it necessitates a call to maintenance. You know, typical bad-ass stuff.

If you’d like to get to know Nowlin, he’ll be performing tomorrow in Alexandria. Details after the jump.

“You recently did a story on an amazing martial artist, named Rick Nowlin,” Janet Royals, founder and president of Alexandria’s Walk This Way Productions/Kalaj, wrote me. “Well, that amazing martial artist is my brother.” Royals writes that Nowlin will perform a “martial arts demonstration” in a “fashion and inspirational entertainment show.” The event will be held tomorrow, Saturday, Nov. 22 at 7 p.m., at the following location:

The Lee Center
1108 Jefferson Street
Alexandria, Va

Photo by Darrow Montgomery