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We delve deep into Man Territory in the Manliest Workplace in D.C. tournament this week as union workers fight for the right to be manly (See the full 64-workplace bracket here). But will these unions’ org charts prove as manly as their storied muscley dispositions? Let’s find out!

UNITED UNION OF ROOFERS, WATERPROOFERS, AND ALLIED WORKERS: What manliness lurks inside the combined coffers of the world’s roofers, waterproofers, and allied workers? Behold!

International President Kinsey M. Robinson (Male, 10 points)
International Secretary-Treasurer Robert J. Danley (Male, 9 points)
First Vice President Donald Cardwell (Male, 8 points)
Second Vice President Douglas Ziegler (Male, 7 points)
Third Vice President Thomas Pedrick (Male, 6 points)
Fourth Vice President Paul F. Bickford (Male, 5 points)
Fifth Vice President James A. Hadel (Male, 4 points)
Sixth Vice President Donald A. O’Blenis (Male, 3 points)
Seventh Vice President Richard R. Mathis (Male, 2 points)
Eighth Vice President Daniel P. O’Donnell (Male, 1 point)

Water and female-proofed? Bonus! With 55 points out of 55 on the manly index, the UURWAW is as manly as possible. But don’t get that trophy case roofed and waterproofed just yet—-there are seven more unions ready to compete for a tie. Including:

THE WASHINGTON-BALTIMORE NEWSPAPER GUILD: Yeah, well, I’m pretty sure this union’s not going to be the one to do it. Roll out your men anyway:

President Bill Salganik (Male, 10 points)
Vice President J. Darlene Meyer (Female, ZERO)
Secretary Mark Pattis (Male, 8 points)Treasurer Sheila Lindsay (Female, ZERO)
Chair Mark Gruenberg (Male, 6 points)
Chair Angela Kuhl (Female, ZERO)
Chair Amy Lampkin (Female, ZERO)
Chair Reza Namdar (Male, 3 points)
Chair Robert Pierre (Male, 2 points)
Chair Andre Roberson (Male, 1 points)

No wonder newspapers are failing. Extra, extra. Thirty points on the manly index. Middling manliness, read all about it.

Poofs by pizzodisevo.