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Welcome back to the Manliest Workplace in D.C. tournament, where 64 local workplaces compete for top serious manliness. This week’s competitors: D.C.’s unions and guilds. So put on your brass knuckles and get ready

INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD OF ELECTRICAL WORKERS: This brotherhood establishes its inherent manliness in its very name. But does it have the man-voltage to win this competition? Or will it burn out in a fantastical display of feminine electric sparkle? Let’s find out!

International President Edwin D. Hill (Male, 10 points)
International Secretary-Treasurer Lindell K. Lee
(Male, 9 points)
International VP Philip Flemming (Male, 8 points)
International VP Frank Carroll(Male, 7 points)
International VP Donald Siegel (Male, 6 points)
International VP Salvatore J. Chilia (Male, 5 points)
International VP Joseph S. Davis (Male, 4 points)
International VP Joseph F. Lohman(Male, 3 points)
International VPTed C. Jensen(Male, 2 points)
International VP Jonathan B. Gardner(Male, 1 point)

Looks like we have another perfect score. This is gonna get ugly!


AFL-CIO: Will the labor union’s union scrounge up enough men to beat out the electricians’ brawn? Below, the AFL-CIO’s top national officers—-filled out with its Executive Council members, in alphabetical order:

President John J. Sweeney (Male, 10 points)
Executive Vice President Arlene Holt Baker (Female, ZERO)
Secretary-Treasurer Richard L. Trumka (Male, 8 points)
Building & Construction Mark Ayers (Male, 7 points)
AFGE Andrea E. Brooks (Female, ZERO)
Machinists R. Thomas Buffenbarger (Male, 5 points)
UAW Elizabeth Bunn (Female, ZERO)
Postal Workers William Burrus (Male, 3 points)
Communications Workers of America Larry Cohen (Male, 2 points)
United American Nurses Ann Converso (Female, ZERO)

AFL-CI-Uh-Oh! With 35 points out of a possible 55, the AFL-CIO falls to the IBEW. But watch out, boys—-next up are the Teamsters!

Photo by dbrulz123.