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Welcome back to the union bracket of the Manliest Workplace in D.C. tournament, where 64 local workplaces vie to be the manliest. This afternoon, the granddaddy of all Brotherhoods—-the Teamsters—-faces off against the heady brew of the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union. To the org charts!

INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD OF TEAMSTERS: Jimmy Hoffa may be several decades “missing,” but the Teamsters still have a lot of men around who aren’t sleeping with the fishes:

General President James P. Hoffa (Male, 10 points)
General Secretary-Treasurer C. Thomas Keegel (Male, 9 points)
Executive Board Member Randy Cammack (Male, 8 points)
Executive Board Member Fred Gegare (Male, 7 points)
Executive Board Member Ken Hall (Male, 6 points)
Executive Board Member Carroll E. Haynes (Male, 5 points)
Executive Board Member Fred Potter (Male, 4 points)
Executive Board Member Fred Simpson (Male, 3 points)
Executive Board Member George Tedeschi (Male, 2 points)
Executive Board Member Jack Cipriani (Male, 1 point)

That’s our third perfect man chart this week! Finally, the U.S. Senate gets some real competition!



International President Joseph T. Hansen (Male, 10 points)
International Secretary-Treasurer Anthony M. Perrone (Male, 9 points)
Executive Vice President William T. McDonough (Male, 8 points)
Executive Vice President Patrick J. O’Neill (Male, 7 points)
Executive Vice President Wayne E. Hanley (Male, 6 points)
Local President C. James Lowthers (Male, 5 points)
Local Secretary/Treasurer Thomas P. McNutt (Male, 4 points)
Local Recorder Sue McQuain (Male, 3 points)
Local Executive Board Member Rose Bell (Female, ZERO)
Local Executive Board Member Mike Boyle (Male, 1 point)

With a hearty 53 out of 55 points on the manly index, the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union is impressively manly—-but that just doesn’t cut it in the cutthroat world of unions and guilds, three of which so far are perfectly manly. Tune in on Friday to see who shall be victorious in this highly contested bracket.