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The GLLU, MPD’s Gay and Lesbian Liason Unit, serves the District’s Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender communities. Last week in police activity related to the GLBT community—-including minor stab wounds, pride flag assailants, and stolen coats—-below.

* Lip service. On the afternoon of Nov. 18, D.C. police responded to the report of an assault. A group of friends had had a fight over “missing personal property.” A victim had been punched in the face, and suffered a “minor cut to his lip.” The victim asked that the suspect—-whom police identify as a “Transgender female”—-not be arrested, but he did ask for “information regarding how to obtain a Stay Away Order.”

* Minor wound, small child. On the morning of Nov. 20, police found two women suffering from “minor stab wounds.” They were dating. Each girlfriend accused the other of stabbing her with “a small knife.” A “small child” on the scene was unable to advise officers on the facts of the case. Both women were arrested, treated, and charged with assault.

* False identification identification. On the night of Nov. 21, a P Street bar called the police to mediate a customer dispute. A male patron said that a staffer had seized his ID. The staffer said he had tried to “pass the identification to a friend in line,” so he “suspected it was fraudulent.” It was found legitimate and returned to the patron.

*Follow that gay-basher. On Nov. 22, police arrested a man suspected of grabbing a Gay Pride flag from a victim on election night in front of the White House and assaulting him. “The suspect was charged with two counts of misdemeanor assault,” police say, and will be pursued as a hate crime.

* Can’t touch this. Early in the morning of Nov. 22, police were called to a club on 22nd St. An anonymous caller claimed he had been assaulted by security. He left the club before police arrived. The club’s staff had another story. According to them, “the individual was thrown out of the club for inappropriately touching other patrons.”

* Turn coat. Later that morning, the GLLU responded to a reported theft at a 17th St. bar. A man had “left his coat on the back of his chair.” It disappeared—-along with his wallet, credit cards, ID, keys, and “personal papers.” Later that morning, the cards were used at several nearby locations.

* Hospital visit. Even later that same morning, the GLLU assisted a transgender woman at a local hospital. She had thoughts of suicide. She said she was sexually assaulted the day before. According to police, the victim “provided several contradictory accounts of the crime and also admitted to being engaged in illicit drug use when the assault allegedly occurred.” The investigation is on-going.

Photo by the prolific NCinDC.