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Today, we wrap up the union division of the Manliest Workplace in D.C. tournament (see the full 64 workplace bracket here). Three unions (the Teamsters, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, and the United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers, and Allied Workers) have already registered perfect scores on the manly index, staffing all men in the highest positions all the time. Of the tournament’s non-union competitors, only the U.S. Senate has managed that feat. Will the National Association of Letter Carriers or the Service Employees International Union have what it takes to compete for perfection? Let’s find out!

NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF LETTER CARRIERS: Conveniently, the NALC has ten National Resident Officers. But how many men can it deliver?

President William H. Young, (Male, 10 points)
Executive VP Fredric V. Rolando (Male, 9 points)
Vice President Gary H. Mullins (Male, 8 points)
Secretary-Treasurer Jane E. Broendel (Female, ZERO)
Asst. Secretary-Treasurer George C. Mignosi (Male, 6 points)
Dir. of City Delivery Dale P. Hart (Male, 5 points)
Dir. of Safety and Health Brian E. Hellman (Male, 4 points)
Dir. of Retired Members Ernie Kirkland (Male, 3 points)
Dir. Health Benefit Plan Timothy C. O’Malley (Male, 2 points)
Dir. of Life Insurance Myra Warren (Female, ZERO)

Denied. Sure, with 47 out of a possible 55 manly points, these letter carriers are pretty dang manly. But this is the labor bracket we’re talking about!

SERVICE EMPLOYEES INTERNATIONAL UNION: The folks over at the SEIU have only got eight top brass positions. But I think it’s pretty clear . . .

President Andy Stern (Male, 10 points)
Secretary-Treasurer Anna Burger (Female, ZERO)
Exec. VP Annelle Grajeda (Female, ZERO)
Exec. VP Mary Kay Henry (Female, ZERO)
Exec. VP Gerry Hudson (Male, 6 points)
Exec. VP Eliseo Medina (Male, 5 points)
Exec. VP Dave Regan (Male, 4 points)
Exec. VP Tom Woodruff (Male, 3 points)

. . . that they weren’t going to be making it anyway. Letter carriers for the win!

* Barn photo by kimberlyfaye.