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Welcome back to the Manliest Workplace in D.C. tournament, wherein our nation’s capital This week, it’s time for the eggheads show off their puny man muscles as the District’s think tanks face off against its universities (see the full 64-workplace bracket here). Class is in session!

THE HERITAGE FOUNDATION: This conservative think tank claims to be “committed to building an America where freedom, opportunity, prosperity and civil society flourish.” But will the Ghost of Ronald Reagan be enough to prove this institution’s commitment to manliness? To the org chart:

President Edwin J. Feulner (Male, 10 points)
Chairman David R. Brown (Male, 9 points)
Executive VP Phillip N. Truluck (Male, 8 points)
Vice Chairman Richard M. Scaife (Male, 7 points)
Secretary J. Frederic Rench (Male, 6 points)
VP Stuart M. Butler (Male, 5 points)
VP Becky Norton Dunlop (Female, ZERO
VP Michael Franc (Male, 3 points)
VP Rebecca Hagelin (Female, ZERO)
VP Kim Holmes (Female, ZERO Totally a dude, 1 point)

Impressive argument! (Note I have very little idea how people within think tanks might actually congratulate each other). With 48 points out of 55 possible manly points, the Heritage Foundation proves it is descended from the lineage of Man. Might any local university replicate the Foundation’s feat? Let’s find out:

HOWARD UNIVERSITY: Established by charter in 1867, the District’s historically black university emerged from the ashes of the Civil War to play significant roles in the Harlem Renaissance and the Civil Rights Movement. But how many dudes work there?

President Sidney A. Ribeau (Male, 10 points)
Interim Provost Alvin Thornton, Ph.D. (Male, 9 points)
Senior VP Hassan Minor (Male, 8 points)
Senior VP Artis Hampshire-Cowan (Female, ZERO)
Senior VP Sidney H. Evans (Male, 6 points)
More Contacts…Senior VP Donald E. Wilson (Male, 5 points)
General Counsel Norma Leftwich (Female, ZERO)
VP Virgil Ecton (Male, 3 points)
Acting VP Florence Bonner (Female, ZERO)
VP Elizabeth Stroud (Female, ZERO)

Class dismissed! With 41 points on the manly index, Howard U. falls to the Heritage Foundation by a margin of 7 points. Tune in tomorrow, when libertarian stronghold the Cato Institute takes on rich kid mecca The George Washington University!

Photo by cliff1066.