It’s day two in the thinky bracket of our Manliest Workplace in D.C. tournament, where our nation’s capital’s think tanks take on its academics in a fight for utter non-femininity (see the full 64-workplace bracket here)! This time: Will those Libertarian scallywags over at the Cato Institute prove brawnier than the George Washington University’s spoiled brats? Wow! Neither of them sound very manly!

THE CATO INSTITUTE: When they’re not scamming for dates on the Atlasphere or posting on CityDesk, Libertarians do some pretty serious mental heavy lifting about, like, free will or something, I don’t really know. But do they have the will to employ more males than females? Let’s find out!

President Edward H. Crane (Male, 10 points)
Chairman Robert A. Levy (Male, 9 points)
Chairman Emeritus William A. Niskanen (Male, 8 points)
VP for Comm. Khristine Brookes (Female, ZERO)
VP for Development Lesley Albanese (Female, ZERO)
Dir. of Gov. Affairs Brandon Arnold (Male, 5 points)
Man. of Gov. Affairs Kurt Couchman (Male, 4 points)
Man. of Ext. Relations Nicole Kurokawa (Female, ZERO)
VP for Finance Bill Erickson (Male, 2 points)
VP Gene Healy (Male, 1 point)

As my high school economics teacher always said, there is no such thing as a free pass in the Manliest Workplace in D.C. Tournament (TINSTAAFPITMWIDCT)! With 39 points out of the manliest 55, the Cato Institute exceeds mere manliness. But is it enough to administer a smackdown of Rand-ian proportions to . . .

THE GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY? My alma mater, which, despite what members of my extended family may tell you, is not Georgetown, boasts a 56 percent female student body. But what of the bodies in its top positions?

President Stephen Knapp (Male, 10 points)
Chairman of the Board W. Russell Ramsey (Male, 9 points)
Executive VP and Treasurer Louis H. Katz (Male, 8 points)
Executive VP for Academics Donald R. Lehman (Male, 7 points)
Senior VP and General Counsel Beth Nolan (Female, ZERO)
Senior VP Robert A. Chernak (Male, 5 points)
VP for Communications Michael Freedman (Male, 4 points)
VP for Development Laurel Price Jones (Female, ZERO)
VP Human Resources Val Monroe Berry (Male, 2 points)
Provost John F. Williams (Male, 1 point)

With 46 points out of a possible 55, the Colonials edge out Cato to go on to the second round. Tomorrow: Georgetown University’s fancy Catholics take on the Brookings Institution’s “left-liberal inclined” thinkers!

Photo by, appropriately, philosophygeek.