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* Is the new Capitol Visitor Center gay? Via Wonkette:

One Senator, the very conservative Jim DeMint of South Carolina, despises this new visitor center — but not because of its completely inappropriate cost, of course! No, he’s just concerned that the center’s exhibits don’t praise God quite enough, and that the exhibits themselves are “left-leaning,” which is common D.C. slang for “gay.”

* AMERICABlog notes some new cracks in Maine’s glass ceiling: “In Maine, the new Speaker of the House, the new President of the Senate, the new Attorney General, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, the two U.S. Senators and newest U.S. House member are all women.”

* Reliable Source: Apparently, Facebook has a “legendary 5,000 friend limit” which the Caps owner recently broke. But now he’s “a little burned out” from e-friends who are “are asking for things.”

* From the Hoya: Georgetown hosts a “T-Party,” a theatrical “exploration of transgender narratives.” Professor and director Natsu Onoda calls it “an important contribution to a campus that is not progressive. It presents a model of activism that isn’t dogmatic. We approach everything with a sense of humor.”

* In other news, last night I rode past a man bedecked in pristine white and sporting fairy wings. He panted heavily as he sprinkled glitter on the street from a small satchel. He paused surreptitiously as I passed. He also appeared to have recently chalked a couple letters on the pavement, reading nothing. Was he but a dream? Did I imagine him?

Photo by riptheskull.