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Today wraps up the intellectual bracket of the Manliest Workplace in D.C. tournament (See the full 64-workplace bracket here). Right now: The Center for American Progress takes on American University. Which org puts the man in A(m)eric(an)? How much longer can I sustain strained wordplay on the term “man,” “man”? Let’s find out!

CENTER FOR AMERICAN PROGRESS: This local think tank is dedicated to “improving” American lives through “ideas” and “action.” But can they put the man in “ideas” and/or “action,” to words that, in fact, do not hold the necessary letters to form the word “man”? To the org chart!

President and CEO John Podesta (Male, 10 points)
Exec. VP for Management Sarah Wartell (Female, ZERO)
Senior Fellow Laura Nichols (Female, ZERO)
Senior VP for Comm. Jennifer Palmieri (Female, ZERO)
Chief of Staff Peter Ogden (Male, 6 points)
Senior VP Nat’l Security & Int’l Pol. Rudy deLeon (Male, 5 points)
Senior VP for Development Debby Goldberg (Female, ZERO)
Senior VP and Dir. California Nina Hachigian (Female, ZERO)
Senior VP and Dir. Campus Progress David Halperin (Male, 2 points)
Senior VP for Online Andrew Sherry (Male, 1 point)

You call this progress? Twenty-four points out of a possible 55.

Established by an act of Congress in 1893, this private institution is a shining beacon of United Methodism upon the banks of Nebraska and Massachusetts Avenues NW. But is there a method to its Man Madness? Let’s find out!

President Cornelius Kerwin (Male, 10 points)
Chairman of the Board Gary M. Abramson (Male, 9 points)
Provost Scott A. Bass (Male, 8 points)
Vice Chairman Thomas A. Gottschalk (Male, 7 points)
Exec Dir. Communications Terry Flannery (Female, ZERO)
VP of Campus Life Gail Short Hanson (Female, ZERO)
VP, General Counsel Mary E. Kennard (Female, ZERO)
VP of Development Thomas J. Minar (Male, 3 points)
VP of Finance, Treasurer Donald L. Myers (Male, 2 points)
Chief of Staff David Taylor (Male, 1 point)

With 40 points out of a possible 55, American University is a poor man’s Manly Institution, but it’s enough to advance this private U to the next round. Next week, we recap up the thinky bracket—-and wrap up the tournament!—-as the District’s advocacy organizations prove which side of the gender divide they’re really on.