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American Apparel CEO Dov Charney (above) and his army of android hipster superheroes have started a new initiative to coincide with their weed-smoking “Legalize LA” movement: “Legalize GAY.” Someone called Jonny Makeup writes in:

So sorry it took almost a week to post but i have been taking care of you know who…my Daddy!!! [Does anyone know what this means? -ed.] Anyways last week, me and my girl Lil’ Lisa Kim did something soooooo political. We went to protest against the whole Prop 8 mess! Daddy even let us make a new American Apparel Ad Campaign “Legalize Gay; Repeal Prop 8 Now”, to coincide with our “Legalize LA; Immigration Reform Now” campaign. We brought a gay army, gurrrrl!!!!! Onch Movement (from that TV Show that I didn’t get cast for), Tamoko, Gaybe, Gary and YES THAT IS HER IN THE PIC….BOBBY TRENDY!!!! I never thought I would say this but I never felt so GAY!!!! I can’t wait to be Happily Ever After cause someday Prop 8 will be repealed and someday my Prince will come!!!

Check out Makeup’s Legalize GAY t-shirts here.

Photo by dovcharney.