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Welcome to the final bracket of the Manliest Workplace in D.C. Competition! Well, well, it’s sure been a wild ride, hasn’t it, what with the whatsits in the Union bracket and the whosits in Government (Relive the glory of the full 64-workplace bracket here). This week: Advocacy groups compete for final D.C. do-man-ation!

Get it?

HUMAN RIGHTS CAMPAIGN: There’s nothing manlier than Human, am I right ladies? Or am I wrong? I’ve culled the top positions from the HRC’s staff chart, along with its four D.C.-based board members, to find out. Let’s go to the standings!

President Joe Solmonese (Male, 10 points)
Managing Director Susanne Salkind (Female, ZERO)
Board Member Kim Allman (Female, ZERO)
Board Member Marjorie Chorlins (Female, ZERO)
Board Member John Isa (Male, 6 points)
Board Member Mary Snider (Female, ZERO)
Ctr. for the Study of Equality Manager Ché Juan Gonzales Tabisola (Male, 4 points)
Senior Communications Manager Michael Cole (Male, 3 points)
Assoc. Dir. for Diversity Donna Payne (Female, ZERO)
Assoc. Dir. for Diversity Allyson Robinson (Female, ZERO)

With 23 out of a possible 55, the HRC is mannish at best. But maybe—-just maybe—-that’s enough to pull an underdog, Cinderella, half-court at the buzzer victory in the advocacy bracket which, let’s face it, is pathetically girly next to say, the Teamsters.


EMILY’S LIST: This D.C.-based advocacy org. supports pro-choice women in politics. You know what that means: As a traditionally female workplace, EMILY’s List qualifies for the Sexist‘s Affirmative Action clause, earning it an instant extra ten points atop its surely pathetic man standing. A hasty once-over of the org. chart could only locate five top staff, so I’ve doubled the score and added the bonus. Let’s get this over with:
President and Founder Ellen R. Malcolm (Female, ZERO)
Executive Director Ellen Moran (Female, ZERO)
Chief of Staff Britt Cocanour (Female, ZERO)
WOMEN VOTE! Director Maren Hesla (Female, ZERO)
Political Director Jonathan Parker (Male, 6 points)

With 22 points (6*2 + 10) out of a possible 55, EMILY’s List registers a few cracks in D.C.’s glass ceiling, but it just barely falls to the mighty HRC. Tomorrow: Will the American Conservative Union prove manlier than HIPS (also a traditionally female workplace)? Only HR knows for sure!

Photo by the wonderfully comprehensive NCinDC.