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* Hot on the heels of G. Keith Harris: Another guy claiming to have inauguration tickets wants you to be his date. This 46-year-old writes, “I got the call today from a Senator that I have a relationship with for over 10 years that told me I made “The A List”. So far at my table is Ben Affleck and Mary J and I will know more as the time nears.”

* Local GLBT groups are planning their own inaugural ball at the Mayflower Hotel, Metro Weekly reports.

Slate’s Dear Prudence doles out advice on dads who cross-dress. Hide it:

If your husband lounges around at home every night in a bustier, palazzo pants, and a wig, then I’m voting for repression. It’s time for your husband to limit his dressing up to times when he’s not with the baby. As your child gets older and mobile, your husband will have to take more steps to separate his fetish from your family life. Perhaps he will need to check into a motel occasionally when he just can’t stifle the need to dress up as Madonna.

* File under “busted”: Did Elizabeth Frisinger really accidentally text her dad on the occasion of losing her virginity? Follow-up: Did her friend really leak her photo and iphone screen capture to a radio station? Do you really text anyone on the occasion of losing your virginity? Doesn’t Lizzy’s dad seem kind of cool, under the circumstances? He texts!

Photo via trialsanderrors.