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* Want everyone to have to experience your fetus’ kicking? Now you can, with kickbee!

* WhozHe at SGL Universe wonders about an increase in deadly violence against gays in Dupont Circle, citing Tuesday’s shooting of 35-year-old Durval V. Martins and the September attack of Tony Randolph Hunter. Martins was killed at 11th and Q Sts. NW, Hunter attacked at 9th & N Sts. NW. Troubling, of course, but closer to Shaw than the gay community epicenter in either case.

* And now in Danny Glover social justice news! The civil rights expert and sometime curmudgeonly veteran cop who forms an unlikely partnership with a hotshot suicidal homicide sergeant portrayed on screen by Mel Gibson, is pro-choice and pro-gay marriage.

* The Dayton Business Journal spots a trend! Man Madness be damned, female partners are becoming more common in law firms, the DBJ claims. How do they know? Well:

Female lawyers make up 45 percent of associates at U.S. law firms, but only about 19 percent of partners, according to October numbers from the National Association for Law Placement. Those percentages are up just slightly from the same data collected in 2003, when women made up 43 percent of associates and 17 percent of partners.

If that’s not compelling enough, listen to these quotes from dudes about why the process totally isn’t sexist:

“It wouldn’t surprise me if some people assume that because there are more male partners in a firm that there’s some sort of subtle gender discrimination,” said James Gottman, managing partner at the Dayton office of Dinsmore and Shohl. “But I would find it hard to believe that it happens at any firm.”

“That sort of thing takes a while to change,” Gottman said.

“It was motivating to know how flexible and accommodating they were,” [lady lawyer Suzanne] Sumner said. “You have to have a good firm, and good men, to recognize the good women.”

* Meanwhile, the Washington Times spots a crisis! Well, well, cue the kitty cat noises and fill the kiddie pool with puddin’! According to WaTi, “High-end stores are stocking fewer gowns than usual this year, says fashion industry guru Cynthia O’Connor, increasing a woman’s likelihood of appearing at an inaugural ball in the same outfit as somebody else.”

Photo via trialsanderrors.