* Revealed! How Moe Tkacik avoided becoming a cat lady early in life—-you can too! [via Slate‘s XX Factor].

* Regrettable! Tiger Beatdown laments that the loss of Sparks’ caffeine, gain of doctors “conscience”.

* Rectal! Shakesville presents the perfect stocking stuffer for the Catalan at heart: the Obama Caganer!

* Rick Warren! Wants wives to submit to their husbands, Feministe remembers. But shrewd Barack Obama must cross party lines to pacify America’s misogynist, gay-hating “other half” for when he needs to later court their support for women’s issues GLBT rights bailouts.

* R.I.P.! Today, we salute the fallen: Deep Throat; brave, suicidal waterslide shark.

Photo by trialsanderrors