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* Slate‘s XX Factor hashes it out over Rick Warren. Sara Mosley hates Warren, but admits that “engagement with the other side” sometimes “makes everyone a little unhappy and uncomfortable.” Noreen Malone thinks Obama’s “selling out.” Hannah Rosin thinks this is all “liberal group think” that amounts to “pretending evangelicals don’t exist”—-and calls to let Warren speak for himself.

* In inauguration dating news: This 40-year-old seeks a date for a ball; this out-of-town 26-year-old is looking for a place to stay—-not for the inauguration, just any old time.

* Local poet Sandra Beasley wrote this week’s XX Files essay on how to fake it: If “it” means becoming an impromptu motorcycle model for a televised magic show:

The director hadn’t instructed us on attitude, so I kept rotating expressions. Ten seconds smiling. Ten second scowling. Ten seconds of terrified, we’re-crushing-him! face. We kept rolling. Down the ramp. Steve cut the engine.

“That’s it?” I asked.

* The Candy Pitch presents: The Twelve Days of Christmas, burlesque style.

Photo via trialsanderrors.