Women’s Rights editor Jen Nedeau has selected herTop 10 Moments of Feminism in 2008. But do these moments truly represent feminist milestones, or are they, rather, just ten things that happened this year? I decide!

1. Electing President Barack Obama.

Feminist Milestone. Hawaiian beefcake president Barack Obama along with storied train enthusiast running mate Joe Biden, pinky swore that they would work to further women’s rights this election season. Despite Obama having swapped one controversial religious figure for another (this time with more misogyny!) I’m going to give Barry a pass on this one and hope that when he drops the “elect” nonsense and gets to be President for real, no take-backs, he’ll get his Lady Issues cap on straight and start pandering to us.

2. Hillary Clinton: 18 Million Cracks.

Feminist Milestone. Concession Shmussceshion. Good speech, Hills!

3. Gov. Sarah Palin: Firing Up Feminists

Thing That Happened. Remember when every feminist in America was forced to submit an op-ed piece to her local newspaper to explain why just being a woman wasn’t the same as being a feminist, but who really cares because she didn’t appear to know what any other word meant either? Yeah, that thing. Well, the same rule applies here—-just because everybody got mad at the dumb lady who thought she was running for president doesn’t mean we deserve a self-congratulatory “top moment” back-pat for doing so.

4. Unmarried Women Tip 2008 Election in Favor of Barack Obama

Thing That Happened.

5. Sex and The City Movie Inspires New and Old Generations

Thing That Happened. The writer of this list saw a movie this year.

6. Bitch Magazine Forges Ahead in Fiscal Crisis

Feminist Milestone, if only to show solidarity with lady-themed print offerings. Remember me when you’re profitable!

7. Workin’ 9 to 5 Goes to Broadway

Thing That Happened. The writer of this list saw a play this year.

8. Female Bloggers Take On The Internet

9. Sex Slavery Finds A New Face Of Justice

Feminist Milestone. “This year,” Nedeau writes, “Somaly Mam was awarded the World’s Children’s Prize for the Rights of the Child in Sweden for her ‘dangerous struggle’ to defend the rights of children in Cambodia.” Wow, heh, must hurt to land after the Sex and the City movie and that Dolly Parton revival thing.

10. Female Human Rights Activist Released From Captivity

Feminist Milestone. So, Ingrid Betancourt was released after spending six years in captivity. Yeah, well, Parton had to wait 28 years to see her movie become a real live Broadway musical, so let’s keep things in perspective here.