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*Chelsea Schilling of WorldNetDaily—-which appears to be some sort of Ann Coulter-9/11-Real America news outfit—-reports on former Washington City Paper staffer John Cloud‘s condemnation of Barack Obama as a “bigot” and a “problem for gays” following Obama’s Rick Warren nod. A “homosexual” reporter versus our terrorist communist Leader? This is like some sort of fantasy WND morality play! How will it end?

WND sides for Obama! Schilling places scare quotes around the word “homosexual” in her headline, as in “‘Homosexual’ Time reporter: Obama is a ‘bigot,'” then pepper her report on Cloud’s smack-down with this description of Cloud’s work for CP:

In his earlier days as a reporter for the Washington City Paper, Cloud described his first-hand experience and arousal at a Washington, D.C., group-sex party for homosexuals in 1997. His report was sexually graphic and filled with expletives.

Bravo, Schilling, but you left out the link! Read up on Cloud’s arousal here.

* Gender Goggles rants on the use of the term “failure of feminism” to describe shit that happens that’s not great for women. Don’t call it a failure of feminism when you mean “a failure of mainstream society to embrace feminism fully.”

* Great conversations going on at Slate‘s XX Factor: Eve Fairbanks on claims that the media turned sexist in 2008; Melinda Henneberger asks, “are traditional Christians necessarily haters?” (Short answer: Mmmm, no).

* Some dude has started a blog of photographs his three-year-old child took with his digital camera that provide “a window into the perspective of a child.” Are we’re supposed to glean from this that a child has the perspective of a lazy, indiscriminate photographer?

* McCain Blogette is back! Meghan McCain jumps back into the blogosphere to wish us a happy new year and update on her post-election “emotional rollercoaster.” This is just a hunch, but I have a feeling there’s a third-wave feminist blogger in Meghan just waiting to rise from the ashes of her aging parents’ cold, political marital agreement (just look at those sassy red shoes!). Come, young Padawan. I will guide you to shed your earnestness and adopt left-leaning positions on women’s health!

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