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The GLLU, MPD’s Gay and Lesbian Liason Unit, serves the District’s Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender communities. Last week in police activity related to the GLBT community—-including fistfights and brick-assisted assaults—-below.

Club clubbing. On Monday, Dec. 29, an employer contacted the GLLU to report an assault on behalf of one of his employees. The victim was leaving a U Street club at 3 a.m. earlier in the month, accompanied by a female friend. Three males approached and “verbally berated” the pair. One “used homophobic language.” Then, the men punched both clubgoers in the face, “causing injuries to their heads and faces that required brief hospitalization.” One suspect also took the male victim’s cell phone.

Off-again-off-again. On Sunday, Dec. 28, a Virginian e-mailed the GLLU about a long-term relationship gone bad. “According to the victim, he attempted to end the relationship, but was unable to do so after his boyfriend threatened him and refused to allow the victim to retrieve his personal property. ” The case was referred to Virginia police.

Will brick for money. On Dec. 26, 2008, police responded to reports of “a transgender individual assaulting another individual.” The altercation arose from a “dispute over money.”  The dispute did not end well. According to police, the “suspect then began to strike the victim in the head and face with a brick, while demanding money from him.” The suspect fled but was arrested; the victim was hospitalized.

Ladies’ night. Early in the morning of Friday, Dec. 26, police “located a group of 10-15 black females yelling at each other and attempting to engage each other physically.” The women had just left a club, “where they had been celebrating one of the female’s birthdays.” Things turned sour after “the breakup of two of the party’s guests.” Police broke it up.

Prostitution, Part I. At 3:30 a.m. on Saturday, Dec. 27, police responded to a prostitution complaint at 4th & K Sts. NW. “Upon arrival, officers witnesses between 10-15 individuals walking back-and-forth along the side walk and crossing back-and-forth along K Street.” The group was asked to leave, but returned within 15 minutes. Police returned and “repeated their request,” whereupon “No further complaints were received.”

Prostitution, Part 2. At 4 a.m. on Sun., Dec. 28,  another prostitution complaint—-this time of “prostitutes obstructing traffic in the area.” Police officers arrived and found “two individuals who were known to them from previous police contact.” They notified Maryland police, as the activity was outside of the District line.

Photo by Esparta.