1. Robo Dino Sex: A “Best of Craigslist” Interlude proves that my readers are classy2. Bitter Pill: How the District’s Pharmacies Hurt Womencalls out the guys in the white coats
3. A Very Androgynous Christmas details one more holiday on the road to middlesex
4. Abstinence is Out: What Little Girls Should Pledge Instead encourages betting against grade-school virginity5. Don’t Fucking Tell Me to Smile, Baby explains why I wont turn that frown upside down
6. Star in the Sarah Palin Adult Filmjust won’t die
7. The Morning After: A $300,000 Tripp Edition tells you how to identify a “slut”

8. Diesel Sells Jeans Through Ridiculous Porn Satire Featuring No Jeans explains self
9. Tom Petty: Heartbreaker asks, Tom Petty: misogynist, genius, or both?
10. Blind Item: San Francisco Journo Seeks Inauguration Date is “engrossing,” “poignant,” “refined”

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