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* Reproductive Health Reality Check details the Democratic response to Bush’s “conscience rule” for medical providers. Party leaders have said they want to reverse it. What they haven’t said is how.

* Wonkette discovers the FOX News Twitter feed hacked by a hillllaaaarious 12-year-old. The tweet? “Breaking: Bill O Riley is gay”

* Gender Goggles collects blogs from male feminist allies.

* According to W, life as aGossip Girl extra is . . . vaguely depressing:

I was inspecting the buffet options when I noticed someone wave at me. I quickly realized the guy summoning me was sitting next to none other than Nate and Chuck! Immediately all the blood in my body rushed to my face and my hands started trembling uncontrollably. The man introduced himself and said they had just been discussing how “rad” my headphones were. To be honest, Nate and Chuck didn’t seem particularly impressed, not even making eye contact with me. Nonetheless, it took me an hour to recover from just standing that close to them.

* This Sunday, BeBar will host an 18-and-over benefit for gay marriage in D.C.

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