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Do you like luxury?

* This 22-year-old Midwestern woman [posting has been flagged for removal] enjoys the finer things in life—-do you have them? “I’m a very outgoing intelligent, educated, attractive women who would enjoy a fun historic moment with someone,” she writes. “I would like to go to places where that are high end and classy (different than what I’m used to) so someone who is well of financially would be appropriate.” Those who can offer her a refined inaugural experience won’t be disappointed. “I’m not trying to brag but I’m sure you’ll find me very appealing,” she writes. But this Midwesterner isn’t looking for just any well-off, high-end, classy guy. “Note that it is extremely important that I’m attracted to you; otherwise there is not point,” she writes.

* A 48-year-old San Francisco woman promises to be “the mysterious beautiful woman who will meet you at the Inauguration,” teasing: “I’ll be there, will you? Yes? Then we shall dance.” Post-inauguration plans include an extravagant bi-coastal romance. “Will you join me in San Francisco for more?” she asks.

* This 34-year-old lady wisely disguises her inauguration ticket-digging by first waxing political about her blue-state ideals. “Interested in making new friends, going on a date, or talking about the events of our nation together,” she writes, slyly adding: ” Maybe we could go to an inaugural ball, if I can find something to wear!” She then asks three questions of her potential date:

Have you worked on the campaign trail in the past?
Are you excited about Obama and where we are headed?
Are you looking for a date for any event during the inauguration?

Wonder which one is most important?

* This 32-year-old man is flexible in his request for “inauguration fun”: he’ll take either “a nice lady or female couple.” But it’s not all fun and games, he writes; He’s looking forserious inquiries only.”

Photo byKingfox.