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* Metro Weekly profiles two laid-off longtime Whitman Walker Clinic employees, Barbara Chinn and Pat Hawkins.

* The Post details Malia and Sasha‘s first day of school at Sidwell Friends:

Usually the recommencement of classes at a private school don’t warrant breaking updates: The girls’ motorcade left the Hay-Adams Hotel for Sidwell Friends School. They arrived early! Several hours went by. Then they left!

* Slate‘s Dear Prudence answers “Is it wrong to keep Viagra use a secret?” (No), and offers up some unsolicited advice as well:

I’m wondering why you feel the need for this boost. If you always require it, that’s one thing. But if it’s just insurance that you will be able to perform even though you’re feeling insecure, that’s possibly a signal that you should do less performing and more talking. If you don’t need the pill, then leave it in the bottle and see how things go naturally.

* Tiger Beatdown, in a post on Gaza, recalls “September, and the planes, and where you were, and how scared you felt, and how you kept calling people to see who was and was not okay”:

I remember being on the phone with an out-of-town friend and saying, “I’m so scared we’re going to go to war. I’m so scared that we’re going to retaliate, and that people will just keep dying.”

“Obviously, we’re going to go to war,” he said, because in a crisis what you really want to do is prove once and for all that you are smarter than the person you are talking to, “and I can’t say I disagree with that. We have to defend ourselves. When I look at the footage… anyone who could do this just isn’t human.” . . . “Everybody’s human,” was the only thing I could say at the time.

Photo via trialsanderrors.