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Bad news, reproductive organ seekers—-the epic Craigslist ad offering up a 27-year-old ovary in exchange for a ticket to an inaugural ball has been flagged for removal. Ovary-offerer Lisa anticipated that this might happen. “I’m a little surprised the post hasn’t been flagged for removal, seeing as it’s illegal to sell your organs,” she divulged in an eerily prescient telephone interview yesterday.

She remains disappointed by the development. “They finally removed the original ad, which bothers me that fewer people found it funny than offensive,” she informed me in an e-mail this afternoon.

The Washington City Paper has a long and storied history of reporting on local organ trafficking activities, both earnest and tongue-in-cheek. So while this ovary offer is no longer suitable for Craigslist, her suggested trade of an ovary for a ball will remain on The Sexist‘s site until it is dragged from our cold, dead Web archives.