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Noted change enthusiast Barack Obama has consistently worked to maintain one time-honored campaign tradition: Holding and kissing babies. He seriously loves doing this. Surely, you can trust your newborn human in the estimable arms and lips of our president-elect. Or can you?

Housing Complex blogger Ruth Samuelson notes the baby-dropping potential of this frightening political trend. “Normally when someone allows you to hold their baby, they’re like, ‘Are you ready? Okay, now sit her on your lap. And cradle her head. And here’s her blankie…’ And then people practically toss their babies over crowds whenever a politician’s around,” Samuelson confided in me today over e-mail.

Fast forward about 25 seconds into the Obama-does-Ben’s video, and you see it—-that baby flies into Obama’s arms. Where are the parents? Who cares! If they don’t fling that baby in Obama’s general direction immediately upon sighting him, some secret service agent might very well intercept that baby, and it will never be blessed by the greatest American president in time between him entering a hot dog joint and him occupying his mouth with actually eating a hot dog. I know we’re entrusting Barack Obama with saving the entire world’s economy and everything, but can we all agree to pass those babies a little slower?