* Reproductive Health Reality Check gives a New York Times piece on self-induced abortions among Latina immigrants in New York a reality check-up:

When Times reporter Jennifer Lee contacted the Ibis and Gynuity researchers in December, they could not understand why the Times was doing a news story. We said, ‘There’s no news now about misoprostol,'” said Winikoff. “We told her, ‘Maybe there will be if you wait for the study.'” . . .

The Times article also states—-wrongly—-that self-induced abortions in New York are “illicit,” and women do them “illegally.” In fact, according to the Guttmacher Institute, 38 states outlaw self-abortion, in laws which often track repressive statutes left over from pre-Roe v. Wade days. But New York isn’t one of them — women there can legally self abort early pregnancies if they want to.

* The New Gay talks about bridging the divide between two conflicting communities: gays and frat boys:

when I moved to DC a couple of years ago straight out of college . . . I would introduce some of my fellow gay friends, whom I now refer to as “college friends” or “college roommates” (which is still accurate), as my “fraternity brothers” out of habit at gay events. This never failed to produce confused looks and awkward questions about my sexuality and the nature of the organization. It seems that when many people put “gay” and “fraternity” in the same sentence it most often conjures up the image of a gay porn archetype or a real-life closet-case overcompensating with hyper-masculinity, arrogance or general douchebaggery.

* Via Feministe: Don’t make fun of boys who do double dutch:


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