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* CP’s Young and Hungry columnist, Tim Carman, deems Biden yummier than Obama, at least when it comes to .Asia Nine’s inaugural-themed sushi: “This may be the only time I’ll actually choose Biden over Obama,” he writes. the “Biden Vice President Roll, with its deep savory roasted duck and sweet and spicy accents, is superior to the one-note wonder known as the Obama President Roll, which essentially tastes like spicy, toasted sesame seeds.” Who knew Biden could be so sweet, spicy and delicious? Oh, we all did. [pictured, right]

* From the New York TimesMotherlode blog: Why do seasoned parents insist upon hazing the pregnant with parenting horror stories?

* Want longer eyelashes? Of course you do, because even the most minute detail of your appearance will somehow never be good enough. Introducing “Latisse,” the “first federally approved prescription drug for growing longer, lusher lashes”—-from the makers of Botox (really!).

* Amanda Marcotte reviews the news anthology Yes Means Yes: Visions of Female Sexual Power and A World Without Rape, which posits that a “culture of rape” stems from misconceptions of men as predators and women as prey: “If we began to imagine that sex is something that happens because every party involved is burning with desire, instead of something that one person gives up reluctantly to another as a token for love or even just to get him to shut up, then that would make it easier for people to see rape for what it is, and it would make rape that much harder to excuse or rationalize away.”