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If we learned anything from Sarah Palin, it’s that “woman” is not the same as “feminist,” which is why the bitching over this Ms. magazine special inauguration cover (right) has become so obnoxious.

“It is time that we take back the term ‘feminism’ and restore its dignity and honor . . . maybe Ms. and the former national women’s movement will return in the sequel as Superwomen once again,” wrote one complainer. “This seems designed to mock people who supported Hillary Clinton during the Democratic Primary,” wrote another.

When did “feminist” become code word for Hillary Clinton? Is it possible that these people simply never want to have a feminist president? Don’t we want all of our presidents to identify as feminists (except Sarah Palin, who will never be president and does not understand the meaning of words)?

I want a female president, too. But there’s a difference between a female president and a feminist president. We’ve got one. It doesn’t mean we’re going to stop working for the other one.