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* Metro Weekly opines on 25 years of Mid-Atlantic Leather weekend.

* Tyra Banks finds the one woman who has never heard of Sarah Palin.

* Tiger Beatdown tells you who’s faring better this week—-chicks or dudes—-based on evidence culled from extensive personal experience crack reporting a Google alert she’s set up for “women than men”. But take heed: ” When it comes to the Dreaded Crotch Rot, no one wins.”

* Gender Goggles gives a refresher course on feminist theory.

* Melinda Hennebeger at Slate‘s XX Factor calls bullshit on this whole virgin auction thing:

So does that gal attempting to auction off her virginity to the highest bidder remind anyone else of the young woman at Yale who was supposedly documenting her multiple self-induced miscarriages as a senior art project a while back? Not that I have any trouble believing that lots of people would cash that check. Yet something about the whole enterprise seems fishy to me. And I dunno about those “housewives” either; are they for real, or just hideously conforming to expectations?

Photo by trialsanderrors.