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Local woman Anna Deleo confirms that former SNL “Weekend Update” anchor and World’s Funniest Commercials: 2008 host Kevin Nealon was spotted downing pre-inaugural drinks at Dupont haunt Lucky Bar yesterday evening (pictured).

Deleo’s full account of her Nealon experience follows. Remember to tweet your own celeb sightings to @TheSexist, or e-mail them to ahess@washcp.com!

The Kevin Nealon Spotting was at Lucky Bar last night, midnightish. One of my coworkers spotted him and we devised a plan to get over there and talk to him without annoying him or making a scene.

He was already getting forced into taking pictures with a pretty sizable group of girls at this point. So, we decided that I would go up casually, not be interested in pictures, just him. And my coworker would sneakily take pictures of it all going down. So I went up to him and said, “Hi, you’re Kevin Nealon.” And he goes, “oh, you want a picture…?” I told him I wasn’t interested, that I just wanted the pleasure of shaking his hand.

Now he was intrigued. He shook my hand, asked my name, and told me he was Kevin Nealon. I said that I was aware. We got to talking but I’m not quite sure what about (this was post-office holiday party—-lots of shots were involved). But it ended with him asking me (and he called me by my name) if he could buy me a drink. I told him I could never turn down the opportunity and he could get me a Bud Lite, something cheap, nothing fancy. He end up buying me a Budweiser and we cheersed. The end.

Clandestine Nealon shot courtesy of Anna Deleo