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The time has come for theObamas to decide on the cwute widdle doggie they’ll be installing into their new home, which will be ceremoniously seized from the Bushies tomorrow. Last week, it was reported that the Obamas had narrowed the breed field to two: It’s gonna be either the Portuguese Water Dog or the Labradoodle.

I gotta jump in here and offer my official support for the Labradoodle. Yeah, the whole designer breed thing is kinda chintzy; yeah, the name is really dumb. But check out this little ‘Doodle who hangs out outside my neighborhood coffee shop, tethered outdoors so all may drink in its cuteness:

Awww! Look at that little Labradoodle face! Who’d rather be staring at a monstrous Portuguese Water Dog’s mug right now? Gross!

Awww! Watch how the Labradoodle gets its little legs suck in its leash, in a display of cuteness completely unknown to the Portuguese Water Dog Owning community!

Awww! The Labradoodle thinks it’s people, unlike the Portuguese Water Dog, which has no friends and rarely graciously poses for photographs! What does this Portuguese Water Dog look like anyway? It sounds very gross and ugly to me!

AWWW! Foiled again by the notoriously sneaky Portuguese Water Dog, far superior in surprise cuteness to the pedestrian—-in fact mousy—-Labradoodle breed.