John Wyne, a 41-year-old Fairfaxer, has been thrifty and consistent in his prolife marching equipment. For eight or nine years, he has carried a 4-foot coffin that he constructed out of cardboard and electrical tape to the March for Life events on the National Mall.

On top of the coffin is an American flag inscribed with abortion stats—-the 45 million number is closer to 47 million now, he says—-and is bespotted with red food coloring. “Obviously, it’s supposed to simulate blood,” says Wyne.

The brightly attired coffin, however, isn’t even close to being as provocative as Wyne’s solution to the issue at hand. Instead of letting women have abortions, says Wyne, they should be paid to carry their pregnancies to term. “If the problem is that it’s an economic choice, that can be taken away,” said Wyne at the precise moment that today’s Dow was down 213.94 points. “We have plenty of money.”