High school students Elizabeth Liang, 18, Morgan Seibert, 17, and Megan Gutting, 17, took a whirlwind trip to Washington, D.C. by bus last night to participate in the march for life. The three Grand Rapids, Mich. teens, who arrived at 7 this morning, missed the inaugural festivities by a couple days—-they opted to attend the protest instead of the celebration—-but still shared in the excitement of their new pro-choice President.

“I love Obama,” says Gutting, who carried a sign reading, “A Nation That Kills Its Own Children Is A Nation Without Hope.” “But for reasons other than abortion, obviously.”

“He’s very positive,” adds Liang, carting an “As A Former Fetus I Oppose Abortion” sign. “He’s about change, and unity.”

Seibert, who inscribed a Dr. Suess quote—-“A Person Is A Person No Matter How Small”—-on her sign, added to the Obama accolades. “I think he’s what we need right now,” she said.