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One contributer to the MPD 1st District Listserv got screwed over on Inauguration Day in the “Purple Tunnel” fiasco got screwed again yesterday—-this time, by March for Life participants. The victim recalls the double whammy:

Forgetting the purpose of the Right to Life protest what was MPD’s logic in allowing all of their buses to load and unload in the middle of Capitol Hill?

I spent 25 minutes trying to cross (with a crossing guard no less) 6th Street to Mass Ave at Stanton Square Park last night around 5 pm. There were hundreds of kids running around the park waiting for their buses. That square is a giant traffic mess in a regular rush hour let alone when there are 10-15 charter buses idling. Then when I finally reached my car to drive to Walter Reed there were another 5-10 buses parked along the H street overpass behind union station picking up kids who were sprinting across the highway.

MPD has really disappointed me the last 3 days. I was one of the Purple Tunnel doom victims and now this!

Please let me know the logic.