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Aww, I can’t stay mad at you, “true face of feminism”!

If Sarah Palin and Barack Obama teamed up to kill “feminist” this election cycle, Kathryn Jean Lopez will have it spinning in its grave. In a National Review piece detailing her experience at last week’s “March for Life,” Lopez calls Pope Benedict XVI the “real face of feminism.” She writes:

Ms. Magazine got some attention—and grief—recently for putting Barack Obama on its cover in a Superman pose and announcing “This Is What a Feminist Looks Like.” After these last few days in Washington—and knowing what I know about the beauty of the Catholic view of women—I’m tempted to do the same with, say, Pope Benedict.

Lopez goes on to write that “all you need to do to realize the harm abortion does to women is browse around the net.” Let’s do a little clickity clicking of our own, shall we? When you click on Lopez’ link on “the beauty of the Catholic view of women,” you find a piece she wrote in 2003 declaring Mel “Sugartits” Gibson a feminist, too! “Mel Gibson might be my favorite feminist,” she writes. “If he’s not number one on my list, he’s pretty close, in competition with Pope John Paul II.” Because “feminist” is now simply secret conservative code for “anti-feminist.”