Good morning, Washington. A soft, frolicky blanket of snow—-destined to descend into an icy weather system of ice and disappointment—-falls over our fair city this morning. What other treasures will this day bring?

* This morning, Bill Kristol, the man Wonkette deftly reminds us ushered Sarah Palin into the civilized world, is out at the New York Times, in at the Washington Post.

* This morning, Evil Slutopia defends the sex industry against those who wish to defile its reputation.

* This morning, Slate‘s Brian Raferty—-perhaps knowing that I recently endured a public rendition of Weird Al‘s “Amish Paradise”—-unloads the phenomenon of “karaoke rage.”

* This morning, dudes on Craigslist are now using the snow to try to get laid! From “Drunken Bike Ride in the Snow,” by Robert Frost:

Is it going to snow today? . . . I’d love for it to snow, but I don’t want to get my hopes up only to have them dashed as they have been so many times before here in DC. But if it does snow, I’d love to find a hottie to spend the snowy evening bar hopping via bicycle in the Dupont/Logan/U Street neighborhoods. We can get drunk enough that the bike riding in the snow is exciting and dangerous. Maybe we’ll crash together and then lay on the snowy ground and make out. All in the spirit of celebrating the inauguration, of course. Anyone up for it?


Photo by pmarkham.