I would sacrifice my fifth-born to go aerial wolf hunting with this woman.

The Anchorage Daily News published an interview with Sarah Palin yesterday in which the governor sounds off about her presidential aspirations (on hold), her new Political Action Committee “SarahPAC” (which she formed in order to fund travel that was “perhaps as not worthy of state funding”), and her upcoming D.C. vacay!

Anchorage Daily News: Are you going to D.C. this weekend?

Sarah Palin: “Yeah, I’m going to meet with those who are making decisions for Alaska in the stimulus package, including … Mitch McConnell and others, having dinner with them and meeting with John Katz in our D.C. office on what it is that we can support in the stimulus package.

“Advocating tough too for an exemption that Alaska needs in terms of timelines for some of these shovel-ready projects. Congress is saying the projects involved in the infrastructure aspect of the stimulus package have to be shovel ready, have to get them out the door, whether it be 90 days or 120 days. Well we’re Alaska, and we need an exemption there so that we’re not left out in the cold in terms of some of the projects that will take a northern climate a longer period of time to make sure that we have our projects ready to go.”

ADN: You’ll also be going to the Alfalfa Club (an annual dinner in Washington D.C., for an elite club including some of the nation’s top politicians) and the RNC this weekend?

SP: “I don’t think the RNC. The Alfalfa dinner, yes, in fact that’s because President Obama is scheduled to be there. And how often will I have an opportunity to have dinner with the president? I will take up that offer to do so, yeah.”

So . . . any Alfalfa Club members—-surely, there are a few among my readership!—-know how I can get into this thing? Wikipedia tells me that “The group’s moniker is reference to the plant’s willingness to do anything for a drink.” And I am willing to do anything to meet Sarah Palin under those conditions.

Photo by buddhakiwi