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* Slate intrudes on the Sexist beat, telling you how to donate a kidney through your vagina (“Good news: You can now get a kidney from a vagina. . . . The kidney doesn’t start in the vagina, of course”), and asking whether sharing a bed with your baby is a good idea (Answer: No).

* Progress! DC Nearlyweds refers to “bridesmaids” as “bridesmaids,” not as an acronym shared by “Bowel Movement”!

*Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis goes wild, evades taxes, gets arrested. Say hi to Daschle for us! [via Feministing].

* A 26-year-old Montgomory County couple was indicted for prostituting minors in Gaithersburg and Washington: “U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein says the two created a sex-trafficking scheme where the three girls were drugged using cocaine, PCP, and marijuana or alcohol before having sex in Montgomery County or D.C.”Lloyd Royal and Angela Bentolila are also accused of forcing the girls to sell cocaine, forcing them to have sex with Royal, and using their home and car for prostitution.

* Photo by Trevor Blake.