Yesterday, I called out female rap artist Riskay for her ill-advised tactics in the pursuit of smelling her boyfriend’s genitals. In her song, “Smell Yo Dick,” Riskay straight up asks her man if she can smell his dick. In my response, I encouraged a more subtle approach, which involved, sure, smelling his dick—-but discreetly, without asking permission.

“Smell Yo Dick”

How wrong I was. According to an interview with Chicago-based blog Is Greater Than last year, Riskay’s straightforward approach is based upon actual events—-and it worked.

“Smell Yo Dick,” Riskay says, is based upon a relationship she had several years ago. After a growing suspicion that her man was cheating on her, “One night I just asked him to let me smell his dick,” she says. “One, to see if he’d let me do it; and two, to see if he had been cheating.”

Against all odds, the man let her smell his dick: “After a lot of cussing, yeah he did. Because he had to; if he didn’t he would be admitting to cheating.”

And he was cheating: “Yeah he was cheating, and he was no longer my boyfriend anymore after that night.”

Riskay goes on to admit that smelling his dick isn’t the easiest way to tell if he’s cheating—-“I could have hired a private investigator or gone through his phone,” she says—-but it is the most shaming. “I wanted to put him in an embarrassing situation,” she says. “A lot of guys that do cheat tell me that ‘My girl did that to me and it’s embarrassing to me.’ If you don’t cheat you don’t have to deal with that when you get home.”

And she hasn’t had to smell a dick since. As it turns out, writing a song about smelling a guy’s dick is a strong deterrent to your man getting into a situation where you have to ask to smell his dick. “I haven’t had to do it again. And I don’t think I will since I did a song; I think a guy wants to be faithful now.”

Forgive me, Riskay. I will never doubt you again.