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When Doug Banker launched BroBible.com, the world’s first online “brocial network,” last October, he hoped to create “an outlet on the Internet where [bros] can truly express themselves.” In an interview, Banker insisted he was committed to reaching out to all bros:

“The actual type of bro varies, but there are bros everywhere,” explains Banker. “You’ve got the Southern bro, enjoys being outside; the Colorado ski bro; the California surf bro; the Texas down-South bro; the Northeastern preppy lacrosse bro. There are all different types of bros, but they share common attributes.”

No type of bro—-even female bros!—-would be turned away from the site. But Banker’s “Brommunity” and “Brofiles” could not survive on the strength of their bro puns alone. Now, Banker’s expanded Brobible.com to help bros everywhere share in another storied bro pastime: sex humor, bro! The Web site’s first foray into video comedy, titled “Babefax.com,” is a little less concilliatory to the site’s female bros (African-American bros, too, could come out a little better). But I’m sure the site’s bros can hash out any sore feelings over a virtual brewski, am I right bro?