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Oh noes! Local lady relationship blogger “Miss A” had prepared an entire lady relationship seminar for local ladies, when who should arrive but several uninvited guests: members of what the author identifies as the “Tier 2 Members of The Fast Seduction Community”! (“Apparently, each major city has an underground seduction community,” writes Miss A. “Who knew?”)

So, which local dudes crashed Miss A’s party? Identify them so you may avoid accidentally sleeping with them in the future!

* From “Ask Romeo”: An unidentified pick-up artist in a “black cowboy hat,” demonstrating the well-worn “peacocking” technique of wearing a big dumb hat.

* From The School of Post Modern Dating, the Foucault of the pick-up artist community: John-Michael Scott, pick-up artist and twitterer. After telling the hostess he “wasn’t like these other pickup artists” (a classic pick-up technique), Scott proceeded to demonstrate the full-contact “touching [Miss A’s] shoulder and wrist while talking with [Miss A]” technique.

* Rien Turner, a pick-up artist who had studied under “Tier 1 Fast Seduction Artist” Mystery (pictured) as a part of VH1 game show The Pickup Artist, wore a bracelet made of a “scarab beetle” preserved in glass, demonstrated some sort of mind-meld technique whereby wearing completely stupid jewelry makes women want to fuck you.

“I am still not sure what the seduction artists were doing attending my event, but I can’t help but think they’re up to no good,” writes Miss A. We’ll update this story as it develops.