Tom Hutton (r.), Sean Baumann pulled a caper on

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Remember when? “Juicy Campus” allowed these Georgetown dudes to write funny jokes about each other on a Web site!

1. Cobalt Retires Its Shoe Fetish, in which Cobalt jettisoned a policy against women’s shoes when worn by women!

2. Young Man, There’s A Place Your Can’t Go, in which we keep with the discriminatory door policy theme!

3. Barack Obama’s Inauguration Draws Millions of People, Several Crazy People, in which the crazy people about whom I write provide me valuable blog hits!

4. Squeezed “Juicy”, in which my story rises from the ashes of Juicy Campus’ demise!

5. An Open Letter to the Performer of ‘Smell Yo Dick’, in which I lobby for a more subtle approach!

Photo by Darrow Montgomery