* Jimbo.info reminds us that this week is Freedom to Marry Week.

* Total bummer: Sixteen-year-old contracts mono, walking pneumonia, and pregnancy in same weekend [via Scarleteen].

* Eighteen-year-old Anthony Stanci of Milwaukee, Wisc., has been charged with impersonating a girl on Facebook, “tricking at least 31 male classmates into sending him naked photos of themselves and then blackmailing some for sex acts.” First off, how did over 30 of his classmates get tricked into doing this? Don’t these guys talk to each other? Second, Stanci might have done better to concoct this scheme last year: charges include “child enticement, “sexual assault of a child,” “sexual assault,” “possession of child photography.” Oh, and “making a bomb threat.”

* From a reader, a song for warm weather: “Came across this tune, thought your readers would enjoy hearing the sounds of shame, circa 1959, Jack Bradshaw‘s “Naughty Girls.” Enjoy:

[media id=”9″ width=”352″ height=”50″]

Photo by kallao