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Introducing “Daily Palin,” in which we detail Sarah Palin‘s refusal to go away—-every day. The morning news from Alaska’s favorite aerial wolfcopter:

* WHAT BETTER DAY TO START THAN: Holy shit, it’s Sarah Palin‘s birthday. Palin turns 45 years old today. ASSUMPTION: Sarah Palin will eat a moderate amount of cake within the next 12 hours. Also probably eating cake today: Jennifer Aniston, Brandy, and Sheryl Crow—-cool!

* Texas A&M paper The Batt points out that Palin’s really important birthday is yet to come—-her 48th, in 2012. “Shortly after the influential voting process in Iowa and New Hampshire in the election year, the ‘Maverick’ will turn 48, with two short steps left on the steep decline to the big 5-0 every woman over the age of 25 dreads. Don’t be surprised if there are a few more (visible) strands of gray hair on her head, nor if the mainstream media makes cheap jokes about how she is getting older and how those antiquated, out-of-touch Republicans are silly, old fuddy-duddies.” Augh, my nightmares, they are beginning!

* Palin drops out of speaking duties at the Conservative Political Action Conference. Palin is busy with the “duties of governing.” CPAC is “obviously disappointed.” Conservatives4Palin is “heartbroken.” BONUS: She’s sending in a taped message in her stead, which will surely leak to the Internets and provide us all minutes of entertainments.

* HuffPo makes that seem creepily sexy: Headlines story “Palin Pulls Out.”

* IN OTHER NEWS: Search Engine Optimizing political oracle The Huffington Post floats talk of a Palin movie (non-porn version). The guy who wrote Milk: interested!

* TODD PALIN SNOW SPORT CORNER: The First Dude is 61 minutes behind the leaders in this year’s Tesoro Iron Dog snowmobile race! THAT’S GOTTA HURT: Todd Palin doesn’t merit a mention in the Anchorage Daily News story until 16 grafs in!

* MORE INTERESTING: T. Palin’s activities off the iron dog. The Alaska Senate found the Dude “in contempt for ignoring subpoenas to testify” in connection with the Troopergate investigation. THE FALLOUT: Hope that slap on the wrist isn’t on your snowmobilin’ hand!

* HEY! There’s a whole blog devoted to Sarah Palin, and it’s still being updated a month into Obama’s presidency, and it’s still pissed off about her “character assassination” or whatever during the campaign. It’s also still reeling from the majesty of Palin’s RNC speech, writing: “That speech! That perfect speech should be taped to refrigerators and pinned on bulletin boards for it foretold a future that is unfolding in front of us.”

Photo by asecondhandconjecture.