COED Magazine has compiled a list of ” all the hottest Twitter-using celebs.” COED accompanies its list with hand-picked “best tweets” from its sharing celebrities. But before you decide to follow the every movement of these famous people, find out how horribly they’ll really clog your feed: Below, the celebrities’ most recent Twitter missives.

Twilight‘s Kristin Stewart! (Kbitch): Twitter error message: “That page doesn’t exist!”
Singer/Actress Brooke Hogan! (BrookeHogan): “@Bradshaw27 That’s terrible..You can borrow one of mine if you need to”

Singer/Actress Vanessa Hudgens! (VanessaHudgens): “Wish I could re-live the Grammy parties” (The previous tweet is even better: “just bought a juicer online. the name of the game is enzymes who knew”)

Unemployed Mischa Barton! (MischaBarton) “@aplusk happy birthday!”

Celebrity relative/hanger on Solange Knowles! (solangeknowles): “@tcherryx can u call me asap!”

One Tree Hill‘s Sophia Bush (SophiaBush): Twitter error message: “This person has protected their updates.”

American Idol alum Taylor Swift (taylorswift13): “Chicago.”

O.C. alum Rachel Bilston (rachel_bilson): “thank you to all my followers! Sorry I haven’t been updating more!”

Porn Star / hipster icon-in-training Sasha Grey! (sashagrey):”Woooow the cancer didn’t get her but the peanuts did, that was/is so fucked up to hear.”