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EAT IT, JUDD: Somebody wrote Sarah Palin a letter the other day confirming that aerial wolf-hunting was a “scientifically valid and sound method of predator management.” GRRROWL! The sender was “a group of pro-hunting organizations.”

RUMORS: Has Levi Johnston knocked up another woman? And is he going for some sort of record?

LINCOLN, DARWIN, AND … “Sarah Palin’s birthday was February 10 and Charles Darwin and Abe Lincoln on February 12. If the heavens tell us that people born in the same month have similar ways, are these folks compatible?” asksstarperson Carol Forsloff. Well:”Palin believes intelligent design and evolution should both be taught and considers Darwin’s conclusions to be theory. Her critics say she doesn’t support scientist’s findings about endangered species either. So there’s no compatibility in the discipline that requires a specific type of personality and thought, which is science.” THAT’S GOTTA HURT coming from someone who deals with dingbat celebrity astrology.

APPARENTLY Palin’s also the “daughter of a science teacher.”

I WOULD HAVE TITLED IT, PALIN AROUND WITH TERRORISTS. Following Sarah Palin‘s claim that Obama was “pallin’ around with terrorists,” one of said terrorists, Bill Ayers, wrote Palin a note suggesting the pair team up for “a talk show called Pallin’ Around With Sarah and Bill.” He hasn’t heard back.

DISABLED PERSON JOKES: Homebrewed Christianity rewrites the text on the SarahPAC homepage . . . to make funnies!

FIRST DUDE WINTER SPORT CORNER: A Mommylife mom met Sarah Palin at the “Iron Dog snowmachine race.” Ha ha, snowmachine. Anyway: “After we met, she had a chance to speak to the crowd and racers directly. I especially loved the part where she asked for God’s protection over them as they race to Nome then Fairbanks. I love a politician who is not afraid to let everyone know what she believes.” Meanwhile,

FIRST DUDE STILL LOSING. Currently, he’s fifth.