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I’ve written pretty extensively on how pharmacists can exert power over their customer’s contraceptive use. I’ve reported on pharmacists who restrict birth control by hewing to Catholic tradition; by refusing to talk; by extolling the virtues of “natural family planning”; and by writing absurd run-arounds into their policies.

Now, Shark-Fu of Angry Black Bitch and Shakesville details a more nontraditional method employed by some pharamcists in her hometown of St. Louis, Missouri: the “stank eye.”

“A bitch is concerned about the impact of stank eye,” writes Shark-Fu. “Specifically, I’m concerned by the stank eye many people are subjected to when they buy condoms at their local pharmacy.”

Shark-Fu was in line at Walgreens on Valentine’s Day when she noticed a young man preparing to purchase “two packs of condoms.” When he placed the condoms on the counter, “the woman behind the counter leveled the most intense stank eye on him that I’ve seen in a long time. . . . I’m talking the same level of stank coming from the eyes that this bitch gets from those wooden cross dragging protesters outside of Pridefest each year…mmmhmm, STANK!”

The man completed his purchase, but who can say whether the stank eye will discourage him and countless other victims from buying condoms in the future? And how might a concerned citizen combat the pharmacist’s stank eye?

Shark-Fu says: Fight stank eye with stank eye. “[W]hen I came up to purchase my juice I gave Ms. Thang some stank eye right back. . . I stared hard…hard as hell…so hard and so filled with angry disgust that when she lifted her eyes to me she physically jerked. And then she flushed and looked away.”