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Molly Redden over at Georgetown student blog Vox Populi wrote a great primer yesterday on the history of the scourge to the Georgetown campus known only as the “Georgetown Cuddler.” The Cuddler is a sexual assailant who’s been linked to as many as seven assaults around campus (and possibly more near the University of Maryland). In one incident, the suspect “entered [the victim’s] bedroom, got into her bed, and put his arm around her.”

Cuddler, eh? That’s a pretty good nickname for a villain who holds damsels hostage, thwarts heroes, etc. (Redden credits the UMD Diamondback with first coining the name). As a real threat to a community, though, it’s a bit of a misnomer. Oh yes, the Cuddler does more than cuddle. He also:

a) gains “entry to [a female victim’s] residence by unknown means”

b) takes “a blanket from a bedroom,” lays it “on top of the complainant,” then lays himself “on top of her.” [Incidentally, Cuddler, if you’re reading, this is my number one greatest fear].

c) attempts to rape women (with varying success).

Aren’t there other, more appropriate nicknames we could use to describe this menace? I submit:

a) The Georgetown Entry-Gainer

b) The Georgetown Blanketlayer

c) The Georgetown Rapist

CORRECTION: This post originally credited the Vox Populi post to Will Sommer instead of its author, Molly Redden. What can I say, I like them both.